Here at Bobby’s Drawings Shop, you can find the catalog of style options we commonly complete for our customers. You can order these styles directly from on the website by selecting a style and completing the additional information. Alternatively, you can discuss your order and we are able to place the order for you (and send a payment link) via our Facebook Chat which can be accessed on our Facebook page Here.

We can draw a portrait from your photos in any of these styles. Any choice between these styles is a personal choice largely depending on your taste and the kind of “feel” you want to achieve.

Briefly, the following styles are most fitting for these uses:

Black & White Portraits are a great option for either a serious or classic-looking drawing. They are also an excellent option for drawings that include lots of people due to the lower cost per person. The lower cost is due to the lower completion time because different colors do not need to be used.

Color Portraits, on the other hand, are obviously more lifelike. They are a suitable option if you’re getting a drawing as an alternative to being able to get all the included loved ones in one photo because this isn’t possible. We are able to change clothing colors and any other colors to achieve your desired result too.

Watercolor portraits are a popular choice for drawings of a small number of people or pets. If you want a drawing that is eye-catching and super artistic then we’d definitely recommend this style to you.

Themed Caricatures are definitely our most fun drawing style and can be used for any occasion. It’s no exaggeration that we can draw you as anyone – a Disney character, a film character, anyone you can imagine! Our themed caricatures are the ultimate customized gift that can be created to amaze anyone you would like to buy a gift for. Like all of our other styles, we can draw as many people as you like in the artwork.