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We are pleased to offer our traditional Color Portraits by Bobby’s Drawings to our customers. They are the perfect way to capture your family together when it may be difficult (or even impossible) to get everyone together in a photo. We can combine as many people as you like from many separate photos. The customization of these gifts can be taken to a whole new level by our ability to draw the subjects in different clothes or colors to make sure the drawing meets your ideas perfectly.

If you have any black & white photos you would like us to draw from we can color these according to your instructions or alternatively you can order a black & white portrait by clicking here.

We all know how difficult it is to get all the family together for a photograph, looking in the right direction, with a nice expression on their face. A color portrait from your photos is the perfect alternative and an excellent original gift idea.

Check out some of the reviews we’ve received here at Bobbys Drawings for our color pencil portraits:

“My mom passed away 10 years ago, never being able to meet my son or my nephew. I had this picture done as a surprise for my brother and rest of my family. They absolutely love it! I know she would have loved these two and having a picture of them together is priceless. Bobby’s Drawings did a wonderful job creating this for me.” – Kelsey Andrews

Bobbys Drawings Color Portrait reviews mom and sons



“I never got a picture of me and my grandmother together when she was alive. I woke up this morning to this picture ❤️ I immediately started crying ! My grandmother was my bestfriend, my mom, my mentor, just my everything. I took her passing worse than my mother did. When she passed my whole world came crumbling down. I still haven’t fully gotten over her passing. This picture does definitely help cope. I love how my remembrance tattoo was incorporated!” – Kayla Hatmaker

Bobbys Drawings Color Portrait reviews grandmother passed away

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