Terms and Conditions

 Before submitting your reference photos, It is important to remember these things to achieve desired results.

–Send photos that flatter the photographed person. If you don’t like the way they look, if you think that the smile doesn’t look real, or the nose looks too big, please use another photo. 

–Make sure the pictures are not too dark and taken on a well lit room.

-Make sure the face are clear and are not blurry.

-People on the photo should be facing front looking at the camera unless unless you want them drawn from a different angle an appropriate photo should be supplied as well.

-Try to send photos with the highest resolution. If your photo is less than 100 KB size, its resolution may be too low for our artists to create a good quality portrait from it.The resolution should not be less than 500×100 pixels for a close up photo of a single person. For reference photos were the person to be drawn is together with in a group, minimum resolution should be 1000×2000. The resolution of the reference photo is is a vital aspect to get the best results.

-If possible, do not send selfies. The front camera of your phone has a lower resolution versus the camera at the back. Have someone take a photo of you or the person you wish to be drawn.

-We can only use one picture per person to draw from facially- we cannot use multiple photos to capture the likeness.

-It’s on the customers behalf to follow our photo requirements to place an order. If the photo sent by the customer is unclear, the customer acknowledges that the final result might be not similar with how they look on real person.Our artists will use these reference photos the best way they can to achieve likeness regardless of its quality. They are only  limited to what they can see. The end result will all depend on it. Please on’t expect the artists to make the person look much better than he looks in the photo 🙂

If you do not have any clearer photos. we might not be able to get a great likeness due to the darkness/blurriness/distance from the person/low resolution. We can use them if you’d like but I just want to make you aware that we can’t redraw it or refund you if you don’t like the result due to the quality of the photos.

We work with a large team of international artists and so there may be variations in style between the drawings we complete. Each drawing will meet our high standards, and in the event that it does not we are happy to discuss resolutions. This may happen in the case where we are trialing a new artist, although we often are able to spot a lower standard work prior to sending your drawing and will have your drawing redrawn by one of our experienced long serving artists in the unlikely event that this happens. Again, drawing is a very individual skill and, like your handwriting or DNA, it’s not the same as anyone elses in the world.

We will always do our best to make sure you’re happy and get the style of drawing that you want. If you want it the same style as you see on our ads, please indicate it on your order or upload a sample. We work with multiple artists but we cannot make any promises as each commission normally goes to the next artist that is available to draw.

All of our work is created WITHOUT the use of apps and is an original piece of art created by a human using traditional pencil hand drawing techniques, digital drawing techniques, or a mixture of both. As our artist base is international, to allow us to provide the best service at the best prices we ship high quality copy/prints of your finished artwork, rather than the paper copy completed by the artist. This allows us to easily provide additional copies of your drawing at the exact same high quality(and as many as you want!) and ship all the drawings from our central studio direct to you!

The likeness we are able to achieve is completely dependent on the quality of the photos you supply to us, and how representative these photos are of the person/people/pets you have requested that we draw. It is very important that you ensure the photos are typical likenesses of the subjects, and are of good quality. We are unable to offer refunds and you may be asked to make an additional payment if we’re asked to redraw people from new photos.

Due to personal customization or design of these products, under no circumstances will we be able to issue returns, exchanges, or reimbursements on items that have already been drawn as these items are no use to anyone other than the purchaser. If you are unhappy with your order, please contact us to discuss resolutions.

We rarely do changes or cancel an order once it has been processed. Please try to make sure you’ve selected the photos you want and thought through all aspects of the order before placing it. Though in some instances we can consider doing some additional instructions as long as the order has not been passed to our artists yet.  Of course you can always ask, then we’ll see what we can do, but we make no promises in this regard.

Please be specific when ordering personalized products/items. We will follow whatever instructions you have on your order, so please be precise, simple and to the point. Ultimately, our artist can only draw based on what they can see on the reference photo you have submitted. We are unable to change the way a person looks by changing the persons features, facial expressions, angles and still achieve a good likeness. To get the best results, please comply with our photo requirements above.

It is important to note that these drawings are not intended to be hyper-realistic and as such, there may be variances in shapes/colors and likeness. If the picture meets our standard for quality and likeness, we are sadly unable to offer amendments or refunds.

These products are hand drawn using traditional methods (charcoal, pencil. watercolor) and in some cases digital using a Wacom tablet or similar modern method. Even if some are done digitally, we do not do shortcuts and guarantee that these items are drawn by hand and requires artistic skill. We do not use any program, filters or any applications to make your drawing. We work with selected artists world wide to keep our drawings affordable. We receive digital image/high quality scans from them and print it on high quality art card to customers.

We make commercially reasonable efforts to meet the estimated delivery date we do our best to adhere to these, but there may be occasions where there is excessive pending work due to a large number of orders, particularly on special dates such as Christmas, Valentine’s day, etc..

If you want to follow up on your order, please make sure it’s been more than 10 working days for the time you’ve made it. 

By proceeding to the payment link, you agree with these terms and conditions.